Griffin has launched the AirCurve and Clarifi, new gadgets that allow iPhoners to enhance the loudspeaker and camera on their iPhone 3Gs.

The AirCurve amplifies the iPhone's sound. Griffin says: "Slot your iPhone into the AirCurve and any speaker function will be amplified as the sound travels through a coiled wave in the base".

The sound is augmented through this wave and is projected into the room without any need for electrical amplification.

As well as claiming to make the iPhone into a more effective alarm clock, applications could also encompass making conversations clearer when on speakerphone.

The AirCurve will cost £19.99 when it's available from Apple and Carphone Warehouse stores nationwide from October.

The Clarifi protects your iPhone in a polycarbonate case, and features a built-in lens that's said to make any close-up pictures you take with your mobile camera sharper.

Griffin says users need slide the Clarifi lens into place over the iPhone’s existing one, and close-up shots will immediately show greater detail and more accurate colour, apparently.

The Clarifi for iPhone 3G will cost £24.99 and is due to be available from October.