The days of stray cats entering your house are over it seems with the launch of an electronic cat flat.

The technologically advanced cat flap called SureFlap works by using an RFID chip found in the standard microchip that you get from the vet when your cat is "chipped".

After going through a quick learning process - i.e., getting your cat to walk through the flap - the cat flap will then only open for your moggie in the future.

The company says you'll be able to "Pair" up to 32 cats to the system - ideal for crazy old cat women - and that the device will last for 6 months before you have to replace the four AA batteries.

In a "You wait a hour for a bus and two come along at once" moment, a second company has announced that it will be offering a competing product for cat lovers annoyed by other peoples cats invading their homes.

Called the Pet Porte the product will offer virtually the same features however is bigger, will be powered by an AC adapter rather than batteries, and cost almost twice as much.

The SureFlap costs £79.99 while the Pet Porte will cost £125. Both are available from your local vet.

UPDATE: The makers of PetPorte have got in touch with Pocket-lint. It seems the product isn't about to launch, but has in fact been available since 2006.