He spins, he body pops, he dances, he backflips, he even does karate, and you can train to do so much more using special programming software, and then share your moves with other robot fans online.

Introducing Mech RC - the humanoid robot - who is coming to the UK next month.

Stocked by I Want One of Those for £399, Mech RC is hoped to start a robot revolution.

Dr Jim Wyatt, his creator, says: "It's not unrealistic to suggest we'll be seeing a robot in every home within the next decade".

"The kind of technology that we saw in films as children - Star Wars, Short Circuit, Transformers - is being achieved right now, but robots aren't necessarily going to be working in the kind of Jetsons way we originally thought."

"For instance, while many robots for the home have revolved around menial tasks such as hoovering, it's much more likely that they will in future be used as companions, particularly for the elderly or very young."

Wyatt adds that he can even see robots demonstrating their sporting skills at the Olympic games in the future.

But in the meantime, Mech RC is being lauded as a pressie for all ages, and he's available for pre-order now.

Keep an eye out for our footage of Mech RC in action and also our interview with his creator.