So here's the idea - you've been hiking in the mountains, found somewhere to camp, and now it's getting dark as you turf out your bags to find all of the necessities for the night.

In your kit, you find your handy Mini Dynamo Torch, which you hand crank top power it up and shed some rays on the ground as you try and find the last remaining tent peg.

And then what could be better, after the tent is up, the dinner cooked, and your muscles start aching, than a massage.

So you again find your torch, but this time use its handy massage head.

This is the Mini Dynamo Massager Torch, which is not only environmentally friendly, because it never needs batteries, but also incorporates a massage head.

You get 3 minutes of "high strength" massage or 4 minutes of low setting massage after winding the torch up for 1 minute, where as the torch will last for 18 minutes after the same time of cranking.

The torch is 139 x 56 x 67mm and weighs 170g.