The Firewinder is a new eco gadget that, rather than use the wind to recharge your batteries or power a small child, has been designed to merely look pretty in the garden.

The move, its creators hope, will encourage kids to understand that wind has the potential to power stuff, in this case a bunch of LED lights on a spinning screw.

The faster the wind blows the prettier the light show.
According to the makers, you'll need around 3-4mph of wind to get it going while a gust of 20mph will make things look "great".

The hope, a spokesperson told Pocket-lint, was for the company to sell a bunch of the £99 garden gadgets so it can then start production of a model that features a charging station.

"We see it as the lava lamp of the 21st Century", the spokesperson told us.

The Firewinder is on sale at the company's own website now or via Firebox later in the year.