TrekStor, the German MP3 manufacturer, has come up with what could be seen as the ultimate gadget for people that like to transfer files around and have a beer.

Following bottle openers in belts and flip-flops, TrekStor has put a bottle opener on a USB memory drive.

Coming in brushed aluminium, the 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16GB models will feature a bottle opener on its cap so you can crack open a bevvy at the end of the day (or beginning if that takes your fancy).

The USB drive that is sure to be a hit with barmen and alcoholics alike will offer USB 2.0 connection speeds for Windows or Mac users.

The USB stick CO, as it will be called, will start at 6.99 euros for the 1GB model and 49.99 euros for the 16GB version.

Drinkers need not apply till October.