Navigon has launched the 1200, 1210, 2200 and 2210 series satnavs that they say offers "price-conscious buyers a highly attractive entry-level navigation option".

The budget Navigon 1200 comes with UK and Ireland maps and the 1210 with maps of 40 European countries while the Navigon 2200 (UK) and 2210 (Europe) offer more features, with all models offering a 3.5-inch screen.

The devices have a 375MHz processor and 64MB RAM, offer Lane Assistant Pro, Emergency Help, as well as two million pre-entered special destinations, and the option to save favourites to a map with a special icon.

The higher-specced models offer integrated Pro versions of Reality View and Speed Assistant plus Text-to-Speech and integrated Traffic receiver and gets a chrome frame design.

The 1210 will be available in September at a suggested price of £124.99 while the 2210 will cost £149.99.