Do you pay your extortionate gym fee every month just for a brief workout followed by at least triple the time you spent on the running machine in the sauna? Yes friend, you're not alone.

Well here instead is a way to cut down those costs and enjoy the relaxing effects of the sauna in your own home.

So you might look daft, but we won't tell anyone if you don't. It's a flat-pack design so you can unfold it and put it away as you wish. All you have to do is fill the steam generator with warm water, switch it on, step-in, sit-down and zip-up. Simple.

Apparently saunas are good for detoxing and cleansing the body, as well as preventing muscle ache after exercise as any built-up lactic acid is drawn out of the body.

The PS1 home sauna costs £149.99 and even has free UK mainland delivery.