So we've all seen turntables that allow you to rip your favourite LPs into MP3 files, but this offering from Crosley reaches new heights of cool with its retro look.

Called the Crosley Keepsake USB LP-Ripping Turntable, it connects to your PC via USB, then you use the bundled software to turn your old LP into something you can stick on your MP3 player.

It's made out of solid wood, has a metal and resin handle and chrome snap closures that allow you to close it up and take it around with you, should you so wish.

Also handy is the fact the Keepsake plays in 3 different speeds to support 33 1/3, 45, and 78 rpm records.

The Crosley Keepsake USB LP-Ripping Turntable is currently just available in the States, and is priced at $149.95 (around £75).