The 7200T is the latest high-end GPS device from Navigon, boasting free real-time traffic updates for life.

The device also offers technologies to help you get from A to B in one piece including Reality View Pro and Lane Assistant Pro.

As a top of the range device, you also get Voice Destination Entry, which basically allows drivers to tell the GPS system where they want to go.

Another tool worth a mention is Landmark View 3D - but the company is only mentioning landmarks in the US and Canada at the moment.

And Navigon is claiming that the new software in this next-gen device makes it easier to use than its predecessors.

Navigon has also slimmed down this model and added a flat-panel touchscreen.

We currently only have deets for a North American launch in October, and the price is $449, but the device is also available for pre-order at Amazon.