TrekStor has announced it is to launch new MP3 players at this year's IFA event. The TrekStor vibez Flash MP3 player as well as the i.Beat organix 2.0 and i.Beat nova will see debuts at the show.

The vibez Flash boasts an integrated "DJ mode" that can automatically suggest songs based on previous listening, as well as a cross-fading that claims to smoothly switch from one track to the next.

The vibez flash comes with 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of storage capacity and will go on sale in September with pricing from 79 to 129 euros.

The i.Beat organix 2.0 is - unsurprisingly - an update on the original organix and now offers up to 55 hours of playback as well as SRS WOW technology and two earphone jacks.

Due to be available in black, white, silver and green, it comes with 4 or 8GB of memory and will be priced at 39 and 69 euros.

The i.Beat nova MP3 player boasts a USB stick format, an OLED display, line-in, voice recording function and comes in 2, 4 or 8GB of memory from between 29 and 49 euros.