For not sure why you would want a piece of chocolate first thing in the morning when you wake up, but that's the thinking behind the Chococlock.

Rather than waking you with a cuckoo popping out from closed doors, the bright pink Chococlock wakes you with, yep you guessed it, a piece of chocolate.

Ideal for chocoholics that can't control themselves, the clock will dispense a piece of chocolate each hour on the hour as if it were your dealer.

Better still, and what clearly must be an attempt to warn you that eating 24 pieces of chocolate a day is going to have an affect, the clock plays the "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy".

In what's likely to be seen as a bit of a tease you'll only have 30 seconds to grab your hourly choc fix.

The Chococlock can hold around 30 pieces of small chocolates and there is a button for instant delivery if you can't wait 60 minutes for your next hit.

You can become a slave to the clock for £19.95 from Firebox.