This rather bizarre looking gadget is the D-Link FuChat phone concept, which has just won a Bronze award at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2008.

The FuChat competed with 1517 entries from 30 countries worldwide to win its award in the Concepts and Prototypes of Communication Tools.

But, aside from the fact that it can hang off a door handle, what makes this model so interesting?

It is described as a next generation cordless phone that can make both landline and internet calls.

But - wait for it - it's also intuitive and responds to feelings.

As D-Link explains: "It features built-in sensors that can gauge the changes in a user’s voice and body temperature".

"Once the phone determines the user’s emotional state, it then responds to inform the user of their current status through sound, lights, and colour on the phone."

So it basically serves as a warning to those around you if you're in a grot or if you're feeling happy enough for them to dare approach you.