So you're walking to an incredibly important meeting, your presentation is ready, your laptop at your side and you just need to make one key call before the negotiations kick off, only to be faced with the dreaded red line as your mobi turns itself off.

But, panic now (if you're anywhere but the UK at the moment) because you could just sit in the sunshine, and let you tie charge your phone.

The Solar Powered Necktie has been designed by researchers at Iowa State University.

It uses photovoltaic textiles that make energy from the sun's rays and it doesn't look too bad either as far as ties go.

But, one draw back, it may take you some time to tie up your tie.

Says the team: "Application of the solar panels to the tie made it difficult to tie the knot. In typical tie knots, a small loop is created through which the large end of the tie is passed.

"At this step in the process, the physical width of the solar panel forces the user to enlarge their tie loop to allow the solar panel to pass through.

"The solar panels are limited to bending around a three inch diameter and should not be creased. Usage of narrower solar panels was considered, but there would be sacrifices in power generation. Applying solar panels to clip-on ties would eliminate this problem."

There's no plans to bring it to the mass market as yet but if it does make it, cue lots of befuddled and stressed out workers turning up to the office with their tie scrunched in their hand as opposed to round their neck.