Speedo has announced that it will be launching the now famous LZR Racer swimsuit to the general public for those keen to emulate the swimmers in the Olympics.

Worn by Mr Michael "I've got 14 golds and 2 bronze's" Phelps, the swimsuit, which has been designed with the help of NASA, will set you back $550 when it becomes available in October later this year.

The "World's first fully bonded bodysuit" is a full-length bonded suit with seams ultrasonically welded together that according to Speedo creates low profile silhouette and reduces skin friction drag.

If the idea of attempting to look like Michael Phelps wasn't enough to get you to part with your cash, perhaps the stats will.

In the first 8 days of swimming at the Beijing games, 23 out of 25 WR’s have been won by athletes wearing Speedo LZR RACER with 94% of gold medals at the games have been won and 89% of all medals by swimmers wearing the swimsuit.

Just make sure you aren't overtaken by the 85-year-old slow-coach when wearing it...