An enthusiastic mountain biker has created a new saddle so that young kids can ride with their parents, but also get to peddle as if they're cycling too.

The LOCT "Little Ones Come Too" Bodyspace Child Saddle is claimed to be safe for kids as young as 2-years-old.

The saddle can be fitted "in seconds" to any adult bicycle with an Aheadset, which is the majority of modern bikes.

The child is positioned within the adult’s body space, in the centre of the bike’s gravity and is cocooned and protected by the adult’s arms and legs. Whilst the child’s feet are in stirrups, the child is not strapped down anywhere else.

And, says LOCT: "Children using LOCT seats will learn to cycle significantly faster when they are big enough for their own bikes".

Says creator Charles Gordon: "Unlike other fixed seats the LOCT is ideal for off-road biking as it allows total control over steering and focus on balance".

"Children adapt to it very quickly and as a family we can now enjoy long outdoor rides together, not hampered by the young ages of our children."

LOCT Bodyspace Child Saddle costs £169.99 in the UK and is available through the LOCT website.