Getting stuck in a traffic jam and feeling peckish can be a bit annoying especially if you like your Ginsters hot.

Well Maplin, perhaps being inspired by a BMW April fools gag a couple of years ago is hoping to fix this with the launch of an in-car microwave giving you meals on wheels for real.

Compact and portable, this handy in-car gadget supposedly "delivers high speed cooking times, revving up to provide tasty meals on the move in a matter of minutes".

What's cooking? Well, a slice of pizza in only 2 minutes, or a hot cup of coffee in 3 minutes say Maplin.

The microwave can give up to 660W of power if connected directly to a car battery, and 175W of power if connected via a cigarette lighter socket.

If you buy it before the end of the month it will cost you £89.98. The price in September will be £129.99.