First class passengers flying on the new Emirates superjumbo A380 Airbus are being offered the ultimate luxury -a shower whilst jetting through the skies.

No more getting to your destination hot, groggy and stinky.

All 14 first class passengers will be offered the facility and each shower has been designed to accommodate just one person at a time (so no funny business!).

But Emirates president Tim Clark warned passengers could not spend too long relaxing under the jets of water.

He said: "The showers are regulated through a software programme that gives people a five-minute shower, which is ample in most cases".

A traffic light system will let passengers know how long they had left:

"If you’re on amber and your hair’s full of shampoo, you want to get moving", he quipped.

The plane will have to take on board an additional 500kg of water, an increase of some 25% - adding to fuel, and so passengers will have to fork out £4737 for the service - so a mere splash.

The shower spas will be functional between London Heathrow and Dubai from 1 December.