The Zpen by Dane-Elec is a useful tool if you are someone who has to take a lot of notes at meetings or in class.

You can use the pen to write or draw on any piece of paper and the receiver, which you can connect at the top of your page, will save everything that you write.

Here's the science bit - the receiver works by recording the Zpen’s movement through infrared and digitally modulated acoustic signals which are then transmitted from the Zpen and stored on the receiver’s integrated flash memory.

Your scrawls can then be uploaded to your PC, which can then decipher your notes, using its built-in Intelligent Character Recognition software.

With its 1GB capacity, the Zpen can also be used as a storage device to hold music, videos, pictures and files.

Other features worth mentioning include a keyword search, user profile creation, a personal dictionary and 15 language options to get you started.

It's available now for $109, or £99 in the UK.