More Than car insurance has launched a "revolutionary" new scheme that uses Formula 1-style in-car telemetry to help British motorists drive in a greener, more efficient and economical way.

The new service, called "Green Wheels", helps drivers understand how their driving style affects the environment by giving them access to information such as their rate of acceleration, braking and the number of short journeys they make.

The aim is to help change the way drivers behave behind the wheel and lower the carbon footprint of the 31 million cars on Britain's roads.

The scheme works through new "Green Box" technology - a small device that hooks up to the vehicle's Engine Management System and "reads" the motorist’s driving style.

The Green Box then sends that information wirelessly to More Than's site, where drivers can confidentially access personalised reports on their driving style to help improve their "eco-driving".

Motorists’ driving styles are on an A to G scale, like the scales used to rate appliances. There's green driving tips and more info online at the website.