So the weather has failed to cheer up yet again so you decide to pack up the car, and head for the sun, but how do you keep your kids from killing each other for the 10 hour drive?

Well if you've got a bit of cash, Alpine has launched a new series of in-car entertainment systems.

First up is the PKG-2000P 10.2-inch WVGA overhead monitor with DVD player.

This comes with single source wireless headphones and a gameport so you can even connect up the machine to your games console, portable DVD player or even your iPod.

Then there's the PKG-1000P and PKG-850P overhead monitors - the latter which is 8.5 inch.

The company has also launched an array of headrest monitors including the 7-inch TME-M780 and the 5.8-inch TME-M680.

And you can connect the monitors up to the DHA-S690 six disc changer, which means hours of DVD entertainment to keep your little darlings quiet.