Alpine has redesigned what it claimed was the first ever car audio head unit for the iPod - and announced three new models.

The iDA-X100 is a digital media receiver, which has a USB connection for iPods, as well as an array of other MP3 players.

It offers a tag index search option for USB thumb drives so you can get to your tracks quickly.

You can view which tracks you have selected on the 2.2-inch high-res TFT display, which offers three different viewing modes, as well as search functions, a clock and calendar.

And the device is also Bluetooth ready.

The next model down is the iDA-X200, which doesn't have the TFT display, and then last up is the paired down iDA-X300, which doesn't have the Double-Action Encoder found in the other two models nor the USB iPod connectivity.

But you can connect all three models up to the Alpine DHA-S690 CD/DVD or CHA-S634 CD changers to be able to listen to up to six CDs while you're cruising.