AIRUN Labs have announced the launch of their first trainers, the AIRUN+, aimed to reinvigorate and motivate the fitness market.

The AIRUN concept is to include a "Smart Technology Controller" and "Sensory Technology" to a training shoe to help maximise the efficiency of your workout. This can also be combined with "Weighted Technology", in the form of weighted insoles.

The Smart Technology Controller is the brains behind the operation and can provide a range of information for the wearer to help target their exercise efficiency. You will be able to input your data so that the shoe can then calculate your exercise stats, providing information at your finger tips, as well as recommending an optimal weight and daily calorie burn.

Taking a tip from athletes and the army, weight can also be added to your trainers, increasing the workload with each step. The two available insoles weigh 106g or a whopping 588g. The on-board sensor can detect the speed and weight of each foot strike and feed this information into the Controller for a complete set of stats.

Your shoes become your personal trainer (geddit?). They might help you lose a few pounds, but they cost you a few too at £125, available exclusively from