The new Swann digital wireless baby monitor is claimed to deliver an interference-free signal to "give parents total peace of mind".

This means it will not be affected by other wireless products in the home or from the neighbour’s Wi-Fi.

The monitor has a screen as well as relaying sound, although this digital signal is encrypted so it can't be scrambled or intercepted by outsiders.

The unit is also sound activated.

Parents can sleep with the device by the side of their bed, and when the child makes a noise in the night, the baby monitor will switch itself on and you can immediately view the child to see whether it is necessary to get out of bed and attend to them or whether they are just turning over and dreaming.

The unit has three preset lullaby melodies which can be easily switched off once you see the child is asleep.

There’s also a night light built into the camera and infrared LEDS in the camera ensure that a clear image is transmitted to the receiver, even in the dark.

The receiver is operated by rechargeable batteries, is completely portable and can either stand up on its own or attached to a belt and be worn for total convenience.

The monitor is priced £149.99.