Morphy Richards has become an eco warrior, and has launched its first ever energy saving small appliances range.

The Ecolectric range comprises a kettle, toaster, vacuum, slow cooker and iron - all of which are easy on the eye but also easy on the environment.

The kettle, which has a £34.99 price tag, has a dual temperature gauge, which means that you can choose between boiling water to 85 degrees or 100 degrees.

Apparently the lower temperature is better for herbal teas and coffees, but using the eco setting also means that the energy needed to make a cup of tea is 24% than a conventional kettle.

Next up is the £100 vacuum cleaner, which delivers 1000W of power, but is claimed to offer a 50% energy saving.

The toaster is the fastest ever from Morphy Richards thanks to a heat insulating lid. It's £34.99.

The £39.99 Ecolectric iron has a shut-off feature, which means that it turns off if it hasn't been used for 3 minutes. The iron also has a jet clean feature to keep it in good condition.

And last up is the Ecolectric slow cooker, which saves up to 44% energy compared to other products on the market thanks to its insulated lid.

The cooker is priced £34.99.

And, just to stick with the eco theme, all of the new range is packaged in recycled board and comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Check out the Morphy Richards website for details of the new range and also to view the company's eco guide for cutting your energy usage around your pad.