Uniross has just announced the launch of a new range of eco-friendly battery chargers.

The new additions from Uniross, apparently the only battery brand endorsed by the WWF, include a solar charger with USB adaptor for £39.99.

There's a 15-minute charger that claims to charge any battery in - you guessed it - 15 minutes for £34.99. The NOMAD, described as "your portable power hub" with USB adaptor will cost £19.99.

The wind powered portable charger comes complete with bike mount and has an integrated Li-Ion battery with USB output and phone and game connectors and that's £49.99.

The travel clock charger doubles as a travel alarm clock and charges any battery in less than 3 hours, while you sleep for £29.99.

The new range of Uniross chargers is available from August from electrical, department, supermarket and hardware stores and internet retailers.