True Colours Industries (TCI) claims to have the cables that'll improve sound quality on your audio or home cinema system.

TCI Tiger II audio interconnect are priced from £29.99 and are silver-plated.

They are essentially an update of the original Tiger products, but TCI has managed to keep them the same price as their predecessors.

TCI explains: "Designed for both Hi-fi and Home Cinema, Tiger II has all the open dynamic sound of it's predecessor, but adds improved smoothness and bass extension, along with an ability to reproduce more subtle detail and micro dynamics".

Key features include nonmagnetic gold-plated RCA phono plugs; silver-plated copper conductors; and megalon outer sleeves.

"The thicker outer insulation makes TCI Tiger II less prone to vibration effects, both external and internally generated which reduces distortion and energy loss at audio frequencies", adds the manufacturer.