It's 2am, there's a mosquito buzzing around your head, and your cotton sheets, despite being Egyptian and costing more than your bed, are wrapping themselves around your sweaty bod every time you move.

And, of course, your beautiful period property doesn't have air con.

This gadget may not look like much but may see an end to long nights of moving around your boudoir in a desperate attempt to find a breeze.

The Air-Conditioned Bed gadget turns any bed into an oasis of cool air and comfort.

Super quiet dual fans at the top of this special bed-covering cushion pull cold hair from behind your head and then circulate it throughout the device.

The bed cushions offers three different fan speeds, depending on how cool you want to be, as well as a timer function for scheduling the Air-Conditioned Bed to turn on automatically.

The cushion even comes with a bag for easy transportation if you're heading to even warmer climes this summer.

It costs $400, but what price for a good night's kip.