Griffin has followed Belkin in announcing a whole range of accessories for the iPhone 3G. Either available now, or coming on 11 July, with the Carphone Warehouse the main stockist, are the following bits:

Nu Form with EasyDock £18.99

This new case with its hard shell and shatter-proof protection that allows users to charge and sync without removing their protective case. Available in black or white, features include a two-piece polycarbonate shell, a rigid screen protector and a premium cleaning cloth for your new iPhone.

SmartTalk £12.99

With the SmartTalk your headphones can become a fully-functioning headset for the new iPhone with a noise-cancelling microphone. The adaptor plugs into the phone while the control button lets you play, pause and skip forward / backwards through your tracks. If you get a call the control button also allows you to answer or forward the call to voicemail.

TuneBuds Mobile £24.99

The TuneBuds Mobile earphones claim great sound quality while the headphone/mic plug connects to your iPhone headphone jack, allowing you to jump between incoming phone calls and listen to music with the press of a button.

Streamline for iPhone £18.99

Griffin's sport armband with built-in reflective trim carries and protects the iPhone whilst running, cycling or engaging in other non-contact sports. Made of neoprene, the strap adjusts two ways and has a full-face screen protector.

Wave for iPhone 3G £16.99

Wave for iPhone 3G features wave-shaped contours that overlap and interlock, claiming to provide greater security and protection for the enclosed device. Wave allows full access to audio jack, volume controls, connectors and touchscreen. Available in four interchangeable colours: black, blue, pink, or white.