So apparently we're all either daft, or just can't or won't read manuals.

Those clever chaps at Accenture stateside have released a report stating that an astonishing 95% of all returned goods actually work.

This is despite the fact that the customer claims they don't.

There were $13.8 billion worth of returned products in 2007.

And Accenture says that 68% of these returns work fine but just aren't meeting customer expectations or they are simply too confusing to use, and the customer doesn't want to own up to it.

The other 26% are returned due to the customer deciding they don't want their shiny new gadget after all (because they haven't paid their electricity bill this month and can't actually afford to power it).

Accenture executive Terry Steger pointed to the complexity of gadgets in our modern age.

But, says Engadget, perhaps it's just a reflection on "the fickle nature of American consumers who tend to give up on product setup within a few minutes".

Would be interesting to know what the British stats are - with our stiff upper lips and habit of never admitting defeat and all.