Mavizen has announced the launch of its new dual iPod and radio alarm clock,­ the iZ-168SB.

With a sleek design and an iPod-like gloss finish, the company claims that the £45 clock offers features typically associated with high-end products, although does not detail what these might be.

We do know the iZ-168SB offers a dimmable blue backlit LCD display, a remote control that includes snooze functionality and is capable of charging iPods when they are docked.

Ethical consumers will be pleased to know that Mavizen's ECO3 initiative means the product has a 3-year guarantee and the option of returning the item to the company for ethical disposal when it has reached end of its life.

The iZ-168SB is compatible with the iPod touch, nano 3G, iPod classic, video 5G, nano 2G, nano 1G, photo, mini, 4G and 3G and is available now from (as the iz168-SB) for £45.