A new audio format is in the process of getting certified that could offer much more flexibility for listening and editing music than existing standards.

Developed by the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) and made publicly available as "Music 2.0" by Korean company Audizen, the MT9 standard offers six audio channels for different instruments, similar to multi-track recording at a studio.

This means listeners could adjust the volume for each track to either balance out audio quality or alter the track for specific purposes, such as karaoke, by making vocals mute, etc.

Audizen and ETRI have submitted MT9 to the Motion Picture Experts Group, which is responsible for certifying audio and video formats, a process which could see the DRM-free MT9 as an official format.

So far, LG and Samsung have already committed to adding support to the media players in mobiles for the format with MT9-friendly products possibly on the market as soon as early 2009.