Safety equipment manufacturer, Exelite has launched its range of self illuminating recreational safety straps.

Already widely used in industry, the new devices debut with the claim of greatly enhancing the safety of cyclists and other road users such as horse-riders, runners and pedestrians.

The Exelite safety strap range feature electro-luminescent (EL) lamps - a flexible, flat, thin illumination source that can be seen over half a mile away, even through light fog, smoke or rain which means that any vehicle should be able to slow down and stop with room to spare, even at high speeds.

The Exelite range is highly visible up to 800 metres, a distance over four times that of traditional reflective materials, lightweight and the rechargable batteries offer up to 12 hours use.

The Exelite product range includes the LUMISTRIP ACTiV (£34.99) a thin and lightweight single strip with a breathable backing, designed for running, cycling and other active use.

Next is the LUMISASH (£44.95) that provides the user with two highly visible EL lamps, dramatically improving their visibility to others and then there's also the LUMIPAC (£39.95) Exelite's backpack cover with two EL lamps embedded into it.

The range is available now from