Apparently last year 37 million pieces of luggage were lost worldwide and if you don't want to end up a statistic who never gets theirs back, IWOOT have a cunning product for you.

Helping you to locate your luggage, even when the airline can't, is the Trace Me Luggage Tracker, a durable tag that securely fastens to your suitcase and sports a unique serial number and barcode.

This ensures that wherever in the world your bag has ended its lonely travels, it will wing its way back to you, and only you.

No matter where your bag lands, the local handling official or police can scan your barcode, or read your registration number, and your name and details will pop up on the world's largest property ownership register at

You will then receive a text and email enabling you to tell the airline where your bag is.

Arguably this is their job anyway, but do you really want to leave the location of your smalls and other unmentionables in the hands of an incompetent company?

Thought not - one tracker is £12.99 - available now from IWOOT.