One For All has introduced the new "Energy Saver" universal remote control that switches off all your A/V equipment at the press of a button for a greener environment.

Claimed to be easy to set-up and simple to use, the Energy Saver remote from One For All is angled as a way to cut energy bills and go green. Simply insert the power plug into the wall socket, then connect up to four devices including your TV, DVD and satellite/cable digibox.

The One For All Energy Saver remote comes pre-programmed to control the Power Plug, so you just press the special energy-saving green button on the remote to make an energy saving of 90%.

One For All says a typical set of A/V equipment uses 9.7 Watts an hour if left on standby but by using the Energy Saver, this can be cut down to 0.9 Watts with potential energy savings overall of up to 74.34 Kilowatts a year or 44kg of carbon dioxide.

The One For All Energy Saver remote control is available from the end of May in stockists including Dixons online and John Lewis - then Asda, Argos and Tesco from August for £39.99.