A new product designed to "dry and freshen" crash helmets has been developed by MDT.

The "DRI-LID" sits under the headgear and uses a small fan that circulates a steady flow of fresh air which evaporates moisture and eliminates bacteria inside the helmet.

MDT says it can be used by anyone who wears any type of protective headgear such as motor racing drivers, cyclists, powerboat pilots and equestrian competitors.

Inventor Kevin Dyer explains the launch: "Recently I was working on an event with a sports-car team and one of the drivers complained that his crash helmet was uncomfortable to put back on after he came back from lunch ready for another practice session".

"This made me realise that there was a need and a market for such a product, and that this could be extended to other sports such as cycling, horse riding and motorcycling."

The DRI-LID is described as lightweight, portable, safe and easy to use. It is powered by a 240v 13 amp power supply although 12 volt versions will soon be available too. DRI-LID retails at £49.99 and is available now direct from MDT.