Navigon has launched "innovative, stylish and competitively priced alternatives" to the crowded UK satnav marketplace with the launch of its 2100, 2110, 5100 and 5110 GPS devices now exclusively available in the UK through

Described as compact and easy-to-use, the models available are the 2100 (UK and Ireland maps) and 2110 (21 EU country maps) that claim to provide a simple-to-use satellite navigation tool with extra speed safety features included free, plus the flexibility to upgrade in the future.

The 5100 (UK and Ireland maps) and 5110 (38 EU country maps) are angled as the ideal choice for advanced buyers who want a compact, simple-to-use offering with premium speed safety and traffic features included free of charge.

The Navigon 2100 (with UK and Ireland maps) is £99.99 and the Navigon 5110 (with 38 EU country maps) is £169.99, both available at

The features of the 2100 and 2110 GPS units, in Navigon's phrasing, are as follows:

- Fast route recalculation – independent testing reports some of the fastest recalculation times around to help get you back on track if you take a wrong turn.
- Speed Assistant – a speed monitor helps you stay safe, particularly on unknown roads. It tells the correct speed limit for the road and warns if you go above it.
- Lane Assistant – especially useful at busy intersections, this shows you in advance the lane you should select at the next junction.
- Speed Camera database - this helps you to keep within the speed limit in danger zones and avoid costly fines.
- Sign Post Pop-Ups - when approaching motorway junctions the unit "pops up" a simple representation of the "real signpost" that you can expect to see.
- Logbook - this allows you to log journeys and later to export them to Excel and is useful for company reporting
- Dynamic Route Profile - this feature allows you to see your journey as a direct route complete with Points of Interest. For example if you need to know when the next petrol station or service area will be on your current route.
- TMC - If you upgrade to "Traffic" then the unit will show reported traffic issues on your route and can be set to auto route around them wherever possible.
- UK Post Codes - the latest Royal Mail postcode data is pre-installed to be sure you can find a location.
- Predictive Text - entering an address is quick and simple due to predictive text that works on every letter in the road name to suggest possible destinations as you type.
- PIN code security – installed as standard to help prevent theft of units.

The 5100 and 5110 include the above and also the following additional features:

- Traffic - the built-in TMC receiver and pre-installed software gives you lifetime access to the latest traffic information. The information is automatically collected and routing advice automatically given to avoid traffic delays.
- Reality View - when approaching motorway junctions the unit "pops up" a representation of the junction including detailed "real signposts" and clear lane indication, so the driver can match the road ahead and signposts in the real world with the advice of the Sat-Nav. On unfamiliar routes or in non-native language, the Reality View makes a huge positive difference to navigation on fast roads.
-Country Information - as you travel between countries the unit automatically gives directions for right and left hand roads, and changes speed limit data and Lane Assistant to suit, so your routing is always as accurate as possible.
- Portrait mode - the display can be positioned in Portrait or Landscape mode to suit all vehicle and truck types.