Useless gadgets are the subject of a recent survey which found electric nail files to be the most pointless product of all time.

The poll of 4500 Brits was commissioned by, the website which gives customers the opportunity to read reviews of thousands of products, written by real shoppers.

In at second place were the laser-guided scissors, electronic candles are deemed a waste of space and that 80s classic the Soda Stream also got panned.

The survey revealed that the lifecycle of the average gadget is just over 1 year, largely because 62% of folk admit they frequently buy gadgets only to get them home and find they are completely useless.

Top 20 most pointless gadgets:

1. Electric nail files
2. Laser-guided scissors
3. Electric candles
4. Soda stream
5. Foot spas
6. Fondue set
7. Hair crimpers
8. Egg boiler
9. Electric fluff remover
10. Electric carving knife
11. Trouser press
12. Face steamers
13. Teas-made
14. Mini disk player
15. Facial tanners
16. Egg slicer
17. Electric tin openers
18. Yoghurt makers
19. Towel warmer
20. Back scratcher