It's got websites dedicated to it, it has its own league and has been responsible for entire frat houses in the US of A descending into drunkenness, and now it's coming to the UK.

Beer Pong seems to be the ultimate drinking game and now those quirky gadget and gift purveyors – - have decided to bring it to UK universities - which, up until this time, have of course, been bastions of sobriety.

The concept - just lob your ping pong ball across a table and plop it into one of your opponent's cup, thus compelling them to consume its contents.

There are few universal rules but most Beer Pongers agree on house rules before the game and generally arrange their cups in a triangular configuration, although you can reform them later once you begin to eliminate cups.

Teams (usually two-a-side) take it in turns to chuck or bounce the ping pong-style ball into their opponents' cups.

When a ball lands in a cup, the defending team must neck that cup's beer.

The game is won by eliminating all the opposition's cups before your own cups are gone.

Losers (if they are still standing) must then consume all the beer left in the winning team's cups.

A starter set costs £24.95 and includes 50 cups, two ice racks, three ping pong balls and of course the official rules.

Or you can blow your student loan on the deluxe set (£79.95) which offers all that plus a student Beer Pong table, which can also double up as, perhaps, something to pass out on when you can't quite manage to wobble to bed.