Well, it seems we won't have to wait until the Archos press event in London on 23 April to see the full extent of the company's GPS solution for the 605 as an official press release has already gone out.

Archos has announced what we knew was coming, a new GPS "In-Car Holder" for its 605 Wi-Fi portable media player that turns the device into a "full-fledged navigation system".

Archos says that with more than 50 times the hard drive size, twice the screen resolution, and similar pricing as stand-alone GPS navigation products, the Archos 605 GPS is the "ultimate navigation and entertainment device".

The claim is that the Archos 605 Wi-Fi snaps easily into the GPS In-Car Holder, which is connected to the car windshield and stereo system (via the built-in line out), creating a full voice and video navigation system.

"Archos is known for combining consumers' favorite activities into one advanced portable device, and the new Archos 605 GPS is the latest example of this convergence", said Henri Crohas, Archos founder and CEO.

"No longer do consumers need a stand-alone GPS device, portable media player, photo viewer or even USB storage device. With our latest innovation, Archos helps you get where you're going and entertains you once you get there."

The Archos GPS accessory with Tele Atlas maps, will be available as a European version covering 22 countries, a North America version covering the US and Canada, and a Chinese version.

All 605 Wi-Fi models work with the GPS In-Car Holder which will be sold separately for around $130 and will be available in May. We will bring you more info, including UK pricing, from the London launch event tomorrow.

The new solution gives users the following features (in Archos' wording):

Your Navigation
- Clear, easy-to read maps on the high-resolution 4.3-inch touchscreen
- Easy and intuitive address, zip-code and POI (point of interest) markers for rapidly selecting destination points
- Precise navigation with automated simulation inside tunnels, lane assistance, advance signposts and fast and accurate route recalculation
- Traffic assistance, route planning, and speed control assistance in some countries
- Gain navigation information on any location throughout North America, Western Europe and China
- Get clear voice-to-text support through the car’s FM stereo (via the built-in line out), or the ARCHOS 605 WiFi's amplified built-in speaker

Your Media on the Move
- Passengers can use the ARCHOS 605 WiFi to watch recorded TV shows and videos while traveling, such as keeping families and children entertained in the back seat of the car
- Record TV shows in advance for the perfectly relaxed road trip
- Rent and watch movies from the ARCHOS Content Portal
- Transfer and store photos directly from your digital camera and create slide shows
- Share your media with friends and family on their TV
- Play games while on the go

Your Internet
- Surf the web to visit favourite sites
- Stream the latest news, online videos, TV shows and sports from websites - ARCHOS devices are the only to support Adobe Flash 9 for online video streaming.
- Check email from any web-based service.
- Access hundreds of Widgets, including world maps, weather, and currency converters