Aside from an excess of facial hair, considering things that make a man feel well, manly, we'd wager utility belts and barbecues are high on most male's lists.

Combining the two then is a testosterone-fuelled recipe for success that will have most burger-loving, red-blooded blokes reaching for their Mastercards in seconds.

This expertly designed twist on the classic builder's belt accommodates chunky barbecue utensils in its removable lock-and-load inserts for some John Wayne-style action around the grill.

Upping the man-friendly aspect even more is the insulated bottle holder built right into the belt, so your beer will never be further away than your midriff. They've thought of everything.

The Grillslinger Sport comes complete with a spatula and tongs made from stainless steel and featuring easy-grip rubber handles. The whole kit is £29.95 and available now from the fine online emporium that is Firebox.