Zoombak has announced the arrival of its first Zoombak advanced GPS locators and related services for pets and vehicles in the UK.

The Zoombak locator claims to be one of the first Assisted-GPS (AGPS) devices designed for use by everyday consumers with the claim that it will be able to locate pets and vehicles across the UK in real time, 24 hours a day, and can notify users about location by text message and email alerts.

Zoombak for cars can be hard-wired into a vehicle or used portably, while the solution for pets can not only be used as a location device, but can be set up to alert you if your furry friend leaves or returns to an area you've designated.

Zoombak's advanced AGPS system uses satellite-enabled GPS to provide what is claimed to be one of the fastest, most accurate location technology commercially available.

The actual hardware is a rechargeable, light-weight water-resistant device. Battery life comes in at up to 5 days on standby or capable of up to 150 location requests.

The Zoombak locator is now available for purchase online at www.zoombak.co.uk, as well as on the high street, devices for pets and vehicles retail at £99.99, plus a monthly service fee of £9.99 that includes unlimited location requests.