Checkolite has announced that it has launched a line of iHome branded iPod connectable lamps that play and charge iPods while illuminating the user's workspace.

We did check, and double check, the date on the press release, so we're fairly certain this unusual offering is not a late April Fool's joke, but just aimed at those short on desk space.

The line of iHome lamps consists of halogen desk lamps in a variety of styles. All of the lamps have a universal dock that accommodates all dockable iPods, including 30GB and 60GB iPods, as well as nanos and the older minis.

The promise is that "superior speaker technology with added bass features provides distortion-free audio with astounding depth, clarity, and power" - although we'd guess any kind of sound quality coming from a lamp is going to be fairly astounding.

iHome lamps retail for $49.99 and up in the States, available at a variety of retailers. No info provided on a possible launch in the UK/Europe.