The new "Globe Trotter" bundle from Solar Technology has launched with the claim that it is "the ultimate traveller's power pack".

Specifically designed to provide all day power for those facing challenging climate conditions, tough terrain or long periods of time away from a power source, the bundle includes the FreeLoader 8.0 Portable Solar Charger and the new fully weather resistant Super Charger.

The Super Charger features a compact, weather proof 1.5 watt crystalline solar cell that connects and provides
power to a battery hub.

The Super Charger, is lightweight (200 grams) and comes housed in a durable travel case made from an advanced abrasion resistant material and thanks to two buckles and a velcro attachment strap, the claim is that the Super Charger can be securely attached to virtually anything.

The Globe Trotter bundle is compatible with a multitude of
gadgets, including all iPod/iPhone/iTouch devices, and is supplied with eleven connectors as standard to charge devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, PDAs, PSPs, DS Lites, BlackBerrys and mobile GPS units.

The Globe Trotter bundle is available now for £49.99 from