Until now, most E-Ink watches we've seen have either been concepts, or how-much unaffordable. This new device from ThinkGeek is different though - at $250 it's a lot more within reach of the common geek's wallet.

The E-Ink technology used in this watch depicts digital time with the look of electronic paper and can be read accurately and instantly from any angle – vastly improving on liquid crystal displays of standard digital watches.

Because it's E-Ink, the dial is customisable and allows you to select different styles, from the precise detail of full numerals and indices to the simplicity of no markings all.

As well as four different dial looks, there's two different colour options, and change from digital time to date display for a total of 16 different display options.

With a battery life of 2 years, it has a metal case, oversized buttons and knobs, and a "luxuriously" thick strap, and is on sale now.