myhome247 has launched a new home security "Starter Kit" that claims to make home security, monitoring and control affordable.

Letting a home owner view their protected premises remotely, either from their mobile phone, or an internet-enabled PC or laptop the kit comprises of a sensor, a camera and a controller.

The kit's wireless sensor can be set to raise audible alarms, or interact with other devices (such as turning on a light) while real-time alerts to security breaches can be received instantly via email.

The myhome247 Starter Kit can be set up to send email or text alerts to different addresses or numbers when "abnormal" activity is detected.

The Panasonic BL-C1 Network Camera lets users view exactly what's happening from their mobile phone by viewing live video or users can look at the time and date stamped archive of captured events that's backed up to a remote location.

A user needs a live ADSL/DSL connection and two spare ports on their internet router for the myhome247 gateway and Panasonic BL-C1 camera to operate but set-up is said to be easy.

The myhome247 starter kit comprises the XG1000 System controller, a Panasonic BL-C1 Network Camera and a door/window contact sensor. Add-on accessories are available.

The starter kits costs £249.99 plus £5.95 per month fee for a 5MB storage capacity, with text message alert bundles available from £3.75.