Archos and SFR's agreement to team up on 3G+ enabled devices has been official as of February's press statement, but the announcement was light on any information on the hardware.

But, French sources have been digging away and are reporting on a forthcoming device to utilise the mobile phone technology - the Archos 606.

Described as the same size as the Archos 605, but with a touchscreen a couple of centimetres bigger, the black-cased gadget (shown in mock-up pic) will offer a 30GB hard drive.

SFR will offer a variety of 24-month subscription options from 15 to 30 euros a month which equates from £11.50 to £23, the choice of which dictates the cost of the device at either 249, 199, or 149 euros (£190, £150, £115).

The HSDPA connectivity will be purely for data and content - the sources report the device will not be capable of making mobile phone calls, and will not offer VoIP calling either.

We got in touch with Archos' UK press office who told us: "We shall be releasing further information to the press towards the end of Q3/beginning of Q4 in the lead up to the Gen 6 launch." Stay tuned for a Christmas launch, then...