Greenpeace usually has a presence at CeBIT and this year is no exception with the campaigners showing a pile of e-waste and releasing more info on which companies are doing their green bit.

Greenpeace recently asked electronics manufacturers to submit their greenest gadgets for analysis and has now announced the results of the study.

Thirty-seven products were assessed, from 14 major brands. Non-responders to the invitation to send items in included: Acer, Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sharp.

The devices were assessed on their use of hazardous chemicals, energy efficiency, overall product lifecycle (recyclability and upgradeability) and other factors such as the promotion of environmental friendliness and innovation.

The Sony Vaio TZ11 laptop, Sony Ericsson T650i mobile and Sony Ericsson P1i have come out on top although Greenpeace states there's "definitely room for improvement" as none of them scored over 5/10.

Greenpeace states that still "no individual product could yet lay claim to being truly green", but that there are individual innovations by different companies in toxics reduction, energy efficiency, longer lifecycles and recycling.