Ripfactory, who make professional software and hardware for the audio industry, has developed a solution for consumers who want to digitise their CD collection.

The "stylish and compact" Ripserver box hides a high capacity NAS device with a slimline CD slot and CD ripping engine.

The Ripserver's built-in CD ripping engine lets you effortlessly rip CDs without having to use a PC and can store up to 2400 albums in MP3 or FLAC format with a USB port for the option of additional storage.

Boasting a fan-less, noiseless design, the Ripserver is designed for 24/7 operation - simply insert a CD into the drive and the CD is converted to MP3 or FLAC within a few minutes, added to your media library and available on a network share, then gently ejected.

Fully UPnP and DLNA compliant, the Ripserver is on sale now directly from Ripfactory, available in a black or white finish, and, with a 1TB capacity, costs £699.