A new remote control has been designed that can control an iPod using blinking.

When the iPod owner winks or blinks, movement in their skin is detected by sensors clipped to their glasses or headphones, said Kazuhiro Taniguchi of Osaka University's Graduate School of Engineering Science, who developed the "KomeKami Switch" or "Temple Switch".

Infrared sensors then generate an electric signal that a micro computer uses to work the connected iPod.

You have to wink strongly for 1 second with one eye to rewind, use the other to skip to the next song, or close both eyes to pause and play, Taniguchi told Reuters in an email interview.

And Taniguchi claims that the system is fail-proof even if the wearer accidentally blinks or winks.

"It doesn't happen at all. This system doesn't malfunction even if the user eats, talks, walks and runs", Taniguchi wrote, saying there were differences in movement between an accidental and an intentional blink or wink.

"The computer can judge the difference of those signals", he added, "even if other people around you may be left wondering what message your eyes are sending".